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424 Hz - Pure Frequency Associated used for Fatigue
424 Hertz is a frequency which has been known to fight fatigue. It is also associated with the mineral nutrient iodine. *(424)\biblio*

Recording Highlights:
  • Mineral Vibration
  • Experimental
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Usage And Suggestions:
    We recommend using this frequency when you have to stay awake and alert despite a lack of sleep. Whether it's staying up late with a crying baby or cramming for an important exam, this is a very important frequency to have in your collection

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    424 Hz
    Pure Frequency 15 Minute
    Bilateral Frequency 15 Minute
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    Can I Hear Samples?
    You will receive a Full Custom Session and a few Pure Frequency MP3's FREE by registering to our newsletter above. We do this because we want you to know with no uncertainty that our products are made with the up-most quality. Also- all our "Custom Recordings" have 1 minute samples on their respective page. So you can preview before you buy.
    How Do I Use These Frequencies?
    These frequencies can be played during your daily activities or during your rest time. You can play them on a CD player, Computer Speakers, Phones, And Anyway else. You don't even have to pay attention to the frequencies because the frequencies will interact with your bodies cells immediately. Each product description includes recommended listening instructions.
    How Is This Technology Different From the Others?
    Our recodings use "Audible Frequencies" to alter your brainwaves. This means your ear can hear them directly without trickery! Other brainwave technologies try to make your mind tune to non-audible frequencies by tricking your brain. But with Direct Frequencies above 30 Hertz, there is no need to trick your brain! From all available choices, Pure Frequencies is the most direct way to alter your brain's brainwave frequency..
    How Long Are These Recordings?
    The frequency recordings are 15 minutes long, and our Custom Recordings are 30 Minutes Long!

    Is There Music Or Other Sounds Mixed In?
    Only our "Custom Recordings" contain ambient music and nature sounds.  And our "Pure Frequencies" are frequency ONLY.  All tracks with Ambient Music have samples on their respective pages.

    What Kind Of Training Should I Do While Listening?
    Each subject and each practitioner will have different demands. No two people are the same and what works for some may not work for others. We encourage users to try several techniques and practices and report the positive results for all to read.

    Can I Buy These On CD Too?
    Yes- ALL PRODUCTS are available on CD and Instant Download!  Shipping on orders containing CD's if $7, regardless of how many CD's you order!

    How Do I Download My Products?
    You can download your frequencies IMMEDIATELY after purchase. They will come in MP3 Format. You will be given instructions how to download after purchase. And we promise to help you through the process if needed till you successfully downloaded it and have it working!  Best Customer Service GUARANTEED!

    What Quality Are The recordings?
    The MP3 is 320 Bitrate.  The CD's come in "HIGH QUALITY"  44100 Hz format. Playable on any CD player.
    Why Trust Unexplainable Enterprises?
    Unexplainable.Net has been publishing online since the year 2003. And Unexplainable Enterprises have been directly designing "Brainwave Frequencies" and Audio Therapy for over 8 years now. Having sold "Hundreds of Thousands" of MP3's over the years, I can say with CONFIDENCE that "we know the subject WELL".  
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