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IQ/ Memory Booster, Custom Made!
The infamous, wild-haired mathematics wizard, Albert Einstein has served as an example for genius-level intelligence for many years. When he was just five years old, pondering unseen energy forces was child's play. Some people are just smarter than others. Perhaps they were born with the ability to store information more efficiently, or worked really hard to perfect their skills. And…then there are the individuals who find a tool that uses their own natural energy to their advantage.

The Benefits of a Higher IQ

Increasing your intellectual abilities allows you to think more clearly. You become a more skilled thinker with the ability to effectively control the direction of a conversation by using intelligent speech. Use this skill to engage in friendly debate, win arguments, and persuade the most stubborn of people. A higher IQ typically creates a more focused individual with a drive to achieve higher goals within their work, personal and love life. Brain function increases and you become better prepared to tackle life's everyday challenges. There are also many physical and mental health benefits associated with increasing your IQ.

People with a lower IQ tend to make decisions that affect their overall health. Studies have suggested that lower intelligence makes people more susceptible to a higher risk of death due to accident, suicide and coronary heart disease. People with a lower IQ tend to drink or smoke heavily, eat unhealthier diets, and skip routine exercise – all of which contributes to poorer health. It also takes longer for people exhibiting lower intelligence to achieve their goals, as success is essentially harder to attain for them.

However, there is a such thing as increasing your intelligence level. For example, a specialized IQ/ Memory Booster Custom Frequency Recording can penetrate the unique energy field of your own body so that you can become more open to receiving and processing information.
Recording Highlights:
Your session will start with a low vibrational frequency meant to create feelings of 'total knowingness.' Feelings of being connected and well-rounded are typically experienced within the first few minutes. Not to be confused with overconfidence, the frequency aims to promote changes in your life that make achieving your desired goals an attainable adventure. You aren’t going to get any closer without believing that it is possible.

The recording will then blast your brain with a frequency directly related to the kinds of brain functions that elevates your intelligence level to the same status as geniuses. The brain is prepped to expand its capacity to learn and understand complex concepts. Additional benefits to boosting your intelligence during this part of the session include treating arthritis pain, involuntary eye movements, and irregular pulses in women.

Embrace a moment of reflection during the midway-point of your session. It is not uncommon to start recalling fine details regarding the past 10 minutes. Your brain has been manipulated by tones and frequencies in such a way that it has entered a higher memory state. Remembering things will come more easily. You will start to think deeper than you ever thought possible. This is just the 'new you' unlocking an ability you've always had, but never realized.

Your feelings of becoming more in tune with your surroundings and reaching levels of enlightenment will start to increase. These are things you won't recognize are happening as a result of the channeling of vibrations towards your cerebral cortex. Users have reported experiencing a warming sensation on their forehead, as well as a tingling of the spleen.

The session will end with another invigorating frequency that works towards the enhanced functioning of the cerebral cortex. Your brain will learn how to store information more efficiently.
Usage And Suggestions:
Listen to the highly rated IQ Increaser Custom Frequency Recording when you wish to increase the capacity of your memory and general IQ scores. The recording aims to stimulate your brain in such a way that you are able to perform higher functions. It is suggested to listen to the recording when at home as you get ready for a new school- or workday. Allow the frequencies to work their magic right before an important test or interview.

To enhance the effects of the recording, we recommend trying your hand at memory games to test your newfound ability. You will notice a considerable difference between your memory skills before and after using the custom recording.
Details & Specifics:

Provided for your visual inspection

Five different frequencies associated with higher brain functioning are blended within the 30-minute IQ Increaser Custom Frequency Recording, which concentrates on helping you boost your memory and increase your IQ.

Vocal & Subliminal Programming

Positive Affirmations are one of the most Powerful Mind Programming tools in existence.  Affirmations directly stimulate the conscious and subconscious receptors of your mind with specific commands which are designed to help you reach your goal.

We Offer Both  Audible and Subliminal Affirmations

Audible Affirmations- You will hear the phrases clearly while listening to the recording. Like repeating a telephone number, repeated vocal affirmations will penetrate your mind.

Subliminal Affirmations- You probably will not hear any voices. Some people may hear faint wisps of words but the affirmations are played at a LOW volume carrier and should not be understood. Subliminals can reach the subconscious mind without having to be filtered by the conscious mind!

We Offer Both Male & Female Voices

Each Custom Frequency Recordings consist of several Chosen Frequencies with Ambient Music. Available options include:  Subliminal Affirmations, Vocal Affirmations, or No Affirmations. You may also choose Male or Female voices.

And of course enjoy great package savings.

Affirmations Used In The IQ Increaser Custom

  • I am getting smarter every day
  • My mind retains knowledge with ease
  • I am comfortable being intelligent
  • Complex thinking is easy for me
  • I am extremely smart
  • I excel at Rapid Learning
  • I can learn and understand anything

56 Affirmations!

Each affirmation repeats 8 times spaced throughout the session for ultimate mind absorption and retention.

Male Voice Sample

Female Voice Sample

The specifically chosen Positive Affirmations above will repeat 8 times each during the length of the recording. There will be a total 56 Affirmation Phrases with proper spacing for ultimate mind absorption and retention.  If you choose "Voices" you will hear the voices. If you choose "Subliminal" you will NOT hear the voices but they will be present.


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IQ Increaser
Frequency Session

  Voice-Free Sample

     Length: 30 Minutes
     File Type: 320 Bitrate MP3
     Description: Stimulates your brainwaves to help increase your brain power

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Frequencies + Music
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Frequencies + Music
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Frequencies + Music
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Frequencies + Music
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Can I Hear Samples?
You can sample ALL our technologies FREE by registering to our newsletter above. We do this because we want you to know with no uncertainty that our products are made with the up-most quality. Also- all our "Custom Recordings" have 1 minute samples on their respective page. So you can preview before you buy.
How Do I Use These Frequencies?
These frequencies can be played during your daily activities or during your rest time. You can play them on a CD player, Computer Speakers, Phones, And Anyway else. You don't even have to pay attention to the frequencies because the frequencies will interact with your bodies cells immediately.
How Is This Technology Different From the Others?
Our recordings use "Audible Frequencies" to alter your brainwaves. This means your ear can hear them directly without trickery! Other brainwave technologies try to make your mind tune to non-audible frequencies by tricking your brain. But with Direct Frequencies above 30 Hertz, there is no need to trick your brain! From all available choices, Pure Frequencies is the most direct way to alter your brain's brainwave frequency..
How Long Are These Recordings?
The frequency recordings are 15 minutes long, and our Custom Recordings are 30 Minutes Long!

Is There Music Or Other Sounds Mixed In?
Only our "Custom Recordings" contain ambient music and nature sounds.  And our "Pure Frequencies" are frequency ONLY.  All tracks with Ambient Music have samples on their respective pages.

What Kind Of Training Should I Do While Listening?
Each subject and each practitioner will have different demands. No two people are the same and what works for some may not work for others. We encourage users to try several techniques and practices and report the positive results for all to read.

Can I Buy These On CD Too?
Yes- ALL PRODUCTS are available on CD and Instant Download!

How Do I Download My Products?
You can download your purchases IMMEDIATELY after payment. They will come in MP3 Format. You will be given instructions how to download after purchase. And we promise to help you through the process if needed till you are satisfied!  Best Customer Service GUARANTEED!

What Quality Are The recordings?
The MP3 is 320 Bitrate.  The CD's come in "HIGH QUALITY"  44100 Hz format. Playable on any CD player.
Why Trust Unexplainable Enterprises?
Unexplainable.Net has been publishing online since the year 2003. And Unexplainable Enterprises have been directly designing "Brainwave Frequencies" and Audio Therapy for over 8 years now. Having sold "Hundreds of Thousands" of MP3's over the years, I can say with CONFIDENCE that "we know the subject WELL".  
Don't Chance Your Mind And Body to some knockoff website- Buy From Unexplainable Enterprises LLC and you know it's the real deal.