Testimonials For Unexplainable Frequencies

These testimonials represent what the average user should expect from our recordings or your money back. Plain and Simple.  Some testimony submitters may have received thank you gifts for submitting their experiences.

This customer purchased about 15 recordings- (to many to list)

I thank your company for not only having products that work, and make a substantial difference in people's lives, but for caring enough to share them through a sale, allowing those that wouldn't normally be able to order many at a time, the opportunity to have them to grow and excel at a more rapid pace. I believe your company makes a difference in the world, one person at a time. Me being an example of that. I'll let you know further down the road, how the frequency CD's help my life. ~Claudette

Sleep, Lucid Dream, Manifestation, Health + More

I'm really enjoying all of the recordings and they seem to really be doing the trick! Especially the sleep and lucid dreaming ones. Great experience so far! Thanks again and look forward to all your new content coming out. ~ Matty S

Confidence Booster, Visualization, Memory, Health + Many More

My Mum listened to all of them last night while sleeping with a speaker pillow and she said that this morning she felt so much better in so many ways...

Her nerves were really bad. She could never sleep properly - up at least 6 times during the night. Could not focus well and had no confidence.

Just after ONE session Adele is very focused now, very refreshed, slept a full night's sleep for the first time in years, very calm and that horrible feeling of being overwhelmed and bad churning in her stomach from being worried has now gone. :) Adele said that she now feels like she has the confidence to fix things in her life with reassurance and being more assertive in a positive way. You truly have changed my mum for the better.. thank you so much. Cant wait to see her in a month :)))) lol!!

I have felt great too... no more nerves, deeper sleep, more creative, and nothing is worrying me much anymore. I had felt more driven to get more things done today and i am smiling more too.


42 Hz, Makeover, HGH, Lucid Dream, Relaxation, Concentration

"I have been a customer of Jim's since 2006/2007. I used the binaural beats and now have had the pleasure of trying out these new frequencies. THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING!! I was using the solfeggio frequencies alot because my energy frequencies had adjusted to being able to function at much higher levels. These new frequencies are jump starting my brain again in ways one can only imagine!! I am definitely a lifetime customer. Thanks Jim!! "  ~ Tracy Y
Confidence Booster-
" This is what I wrote as I listened, uncanny really as I hadn't read the user guide until after I listened hear goes just as I scribbled on a piece of paper:-
Afraid-sad depressed sea sounds feel v.sad, goose bumps all through my body.
7.29 min's. Morbid feeling, mouth drawn down at each corner.
8.0 rumbling kettle drums afraid
10.25 feeling of dread. very emotional. (wondering when it's going to let me go)
11.57 feeling a little more hope full, a kind of slight sobbing relief.
14.20 strange feelings from each temple extending towards 3rd. eye.
Now my mouth has come back to normal shape.
16.40 fear has past now, drifty feeling as though just going into trance like state as in meditation
18.00 sound of running water, makes deep breathe and smile, feel much better now.
19.40 pinching third eye.
22.00 water sound stopped now, feeling a little dark now but I'm not afraid.
Metallic taste on front half of tongue.
23.15ish symbols lips tingling feel swollen, all face front part of brain, down into belly have strange full feeling.
Blissful feeling to end of recording.
I know the reread thing wasn't supposed to happen, but about half way through I started to cheer up and in the end I felt great.
Can't wait to listen again tonight, and at the risk of sounding a weirdo, if I don't already, it gave me a really interesting dream." ~ Dave.


 424 hertz- "I have had great experiences with eliminate fatigue frequency instant boost very powerful works in minutes, i recommend it. ~Lock


Visualization Custom-  "I bought this mp3 to help me visualize and calm my mind's chatter.  I was surprised how quickly my mind winded down and melted away, leaving me in a perfect visualization state.  This recording did what it claimed".   ~ MattM.


83 Hertz- I been playing this frequency for a few days now in the background when I relax and it certainly does do something weird to my mind.  I will continue to play it regularly."  ~ Carl P.


Self Hypnosis- "I have been a past customer for several years on Jim's past store. Every product I ever tried of Jim's is absolutely brilliant.  I'm a customer for life. ~ Janet B.

393 Hz-  "The recordings from the Unexplainable Frequencies are fantastic. They have the same effects as brainwave entrainment with a cheaper price and offers many unique variations of the recordings that aren't available anywhere else.  The frequency mp3s are fun and exciting to experiment with. The store provides excellent mp3s with good price and great customer service. Highly recommended!" ~ YaoHua

Sleep- The custom frequencies are a absolute treasure, the SLEEP program had me resting better on the first night. I have been working with Jim for several years and trust him implicitely. Thanks Jim I look forward to expanding my collection. Have a joyous day.  ~ Bonny C

Thank you so much, for bringing the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies alive
again... A world's truth in a Tone...
The frequencies have been a wonderous gift bringing Love, Relaxation, Hope & Freedom to many of life's projections...
I've just bought some more frequencies so i'm off to download...
Thanks again & keep up the good work... ~Lynni